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A fast and easy way to convert

Rather than having to spend time downloading Open Office and figuring out how to use it, you can convert ODS files into Microsoft Excel spreadsheets instantly.

Works on any device

You can use this tool right away no matter what type of device you are using, so long as you are using a modern browser. It performs the same service whether you are on a mobile or desktop.

Secure and private

Security is important when dealing with private files. For maximum security, we use an SSL connection and all files are deleted 1 hour after upload.

How to use this ODS to XLS converter

  1. Drag and drop your ODS file into the blue box. You can also select a file by clicking choose a file.
  2. Check you have selected the correct ODS file. If not click remove and choose another.
  3. Click convert. Your file will begin uploading and converting.
  4. You new Excel file will appear below. Click the download button to save it to your device.